the most beautiful kilometer in France

The Panorama of The Cabane Vauban

You want to live a unique experience during your stay here, come and walk on the GR223 and especially on the most beautiful kilometer in France. Indeed, a pretty and pleasant hike can be done near the Cabane Vauban. La Cabane Vauban is the name given to the guardhouse in Carolles. Built in 18th century stone, granite and schist, it overlooks the bay of Granville to Cancale and was commanded by Vauban, charged by Louis XIV to fortify the French coasts against the English threat. Formerly, these huts served as observation posts in the bay and as a refuge for customs officers patrolling the coast. Placed on a cliff, the Cabane Vauban is located in a natural environment with a view of Mont-Saint-Michel, so it dominates the entire bay.

By taking this path, you will be amazed by the breathtaking views offered by the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. To reach the Cabane Vauban, several more or less long paths are possible where you will find exceptional and different panoramas each time. For walkers, we advise you to go through the Vallée du Lude to enjoy nature and shadow mostly when the weather are hot.

The stream that crosses this valley is called the Lude hence the name of the valley. It covers a little less than 5 km before jumping into the sea at a place called the Port du Lude, still in Carolles.

The Cabane Vauban is accessible via the Vallée du Lude. The cliffs of Carolles offer a spectacular view of Mont-Saint-Michel in the distance, especially on a clear day and nature is dominant there. The start of the hike is at the foot from the Pignon Butor, in Carolles-Plage, or directly at the Croix Paqueray car park. It is also possible to access the Cabane Vauban and Port du Lude in a few minutes walk from other car parks.

If you are a fan of hiking and in love of beautiful landscapes, this is a hike is not to be missed !

In addition to the Cabane Vauban, in Carolles, which offers pretty little shaded areas in case of heat, you can discover the Vallée du Lude, a wild site of great natural wealth, between two high cliffs, protected and classified since 1973. It is also possible to discover the small Port du Lude, the beach cabins around the beach of Carolles or the Vallée des Peintres. There is also an ornithological reserve welcomes rare birds. The landscape of the bay is different depending on the tides. Do this hike at high tide and then at low tide so you'll see the landscape differently ! Do not forget your camera, this natural site offers beautiful views of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel !