Crédit photo : Office de Tourisme - Granville Terre et Mer - Sacha CHABOT
Crédit photo : Office de Tourisme Granville Terre et Mer - Sacha CHABOT

Le Havre De La Vanlée

Not far from our campsite, just 15 minutes away, the Havre de la Vanlée is a unique and wild protected natural site. This small piece of land regularly covered by the tide is located between Saint-Martin-de-Bréhal, Bricqueville-sur-Mer and Lingreville. The Havre de la Vanlée was formed over time under the action of the sea and the Vanlée river. Listed as a natural heritage since 1988, this little haven of peace serves as an estuary for the Vanlée river. Also called by locals « the End of the World », it forms a dune peninsula. The sand and grass dune extends to the mouth of a coastal river : La Vanlée.

Covered with salt meadows, grasses and saline, it is accessible by a submersible road covered during high tides when the coefficients reach 100. Covering 10 hectares, the harbor has many species in fauna and the flora. Indeed, the presence of the fauna and flora in the Havre de la Vanlée is impressive and nature is surprising, some plants are even edible, like salicornia. Biodiversity there is indeed quite particular linked to the combined effects of the river and tides. In this natural site, there are salt meadows sheeps, mainly Roussins from La Hague, a specie from Cotentin in complete freedom. They walk in the grasses to the rhythm of the seasons.

They feed on salicornia and salted grasses, hence their name : salt meadows sheeps ! There are also many plant species and also about 150 species of birds as well as countless rabbits in the dune massif to the west.

During high tide, when the coefficient is around 100 or more, the port is completely submerged and the road becomes submersible.

For sports lovers, depending on the tides, it is then possible to surf in the Havre de la Vanlée. Indeed, it is at high tide that the port becomes a surfer's paradise. Kayak trips on the calm waters of the harbor are also organized.

For nature lovers, don't forget your binoculars and also think about the tide times ! And don't forget your camera too, the haven is filled with treasures to photograph with the seasons, and the landscapes change, it's never quite the same day after day. If you love nature, the Havre de la Vanlée should be added to your vacation program !

Crédit photo : Office de Tourisme Granville Terre et Mer - Thomas JOUANNEAU