Small French archipelago paradise

Discover the Islands Chausey

While staying at our campsite, are you looking for a place to visit ? Do not miss the Chausey archipelago. The Chausey Islands constitute a French archipelago, unlike the neighboring islands, the Channel Islands. Chausey is a little paradise, an island district of the city of Granville located not far from our campsite, about 45 minutes by boat from Granville. The Chausey archipelago lives to the rhythm of the highest tides in Europe, so the landscape changes regularly and from day to day the island is never really the same. There are 365 islets there at low tide and 52 at high tide, according to legend, such as the number of days and the number of weeks in the year. To get there, you will take one of the boats of the Jolie France company.

During the boat trip, don’t forget your binoculars to observe the sea and nature, and if you are lucky, it is also possible to see dolphins. 45 minutes later, you will land on the Grande Ile, here, no car, just birdsong. Paradise for children, especially the little ones who can walk on the paths and on the beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise water !!!

Nature lovers, Chausey is the ideal place to recharge your batteries between sea and countryside. The island is home to an important flora and fauna with an immense ornithological and botanical reserve. In fact, there are around 200 species of birds and more than 500 plant species.

Chausey is also a fisherman’s paradise at low tide. Hulls, clams… there is something for everyone!
If you love walking, you can discover the Grande Ile in a few hours of walking and if you prefer to swim and relax, the beaches of Chausey are a paradise for everyone. You can do a walking tour where you can discover the fishing village of Les Blainvillais, the old fort, the lighthouse, the small chapel, the six beaches of the island ..., it is also possible to take a tour of the island on a boat. Go on a one-hour excursion to discover the history of the island and the islets with a guide. You will then navigate in the rest of the archipelago which can only be seen by boat.

It is a wild island which is inhabited by only ten people a year, without a car, and which has great discoveries in store for you. To discover it, you can book your tickets here : www.vedettesjoliefrance.com

All year round, embark with the Vedettes Jolie France from the Granville pier to explore the archipelago. The company Vedettes Jolie France has been offering tours since 1977 to discover the Chausey Islands and the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The company's fleet has several boats : Vedette Douce France, Vedette Joly France and Vedette Joly France I. If you dream of a unique place, turquoise water and nature, Chausey is to mark your list of things to do during the holidays ! And according to a Chausiais saying : « whoever comes to Chausey one time comes back 300 times ! ».