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From the campsite, if you want to visit Mont-Saint-Michel, there is a 45-minute drive to get there. This Norman jewel, often nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world, has been classified with its bay since 1979 as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is one of the most visited sites in France, precisely the third most visited tourist site behind Parisian monuments. Surrounding the Mont, the immense bay stretches from Cancale in Brittany to Granville.

When you arrive at the Mont, you will find large car parks. To access the rock from the car parks, you have several possibilities : « Le Passeur » which takes you by free shuttle, « La Maringote», a carriage with horses or the possibility of to get there on foot. When visiting the Mont, the best is to start by going around the ramparts to discover the medieval streets of souvenir shops and restaurants and the various panoramas on the bay. After, explore treasures. Then, climb to the top of the abbey after 350 steps.

The abbey is a remarkable example of military and religious architecture from the Middle Ages

Vue sur le Mont-Saint-Michel © In Viaggio col Tubo
This visit takes approximately 45 minutes. You can choose to visit it on your own or with a guide. In summer, the abbey propose nightly shows to discover this in different way : at nightfall. Around the Mount, « La Caserne » welcomes you to eat or to buy souvenirs for example. The Tourist Information Center is there to advise you and give you the best information.

In 2015 and for 10 years, work to restore the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel was carried out. Since then, as soon as the tidal coefficient exceeds 110, the Mount becomes an island again for a few hours mostly on the equinox tides of March and September. Indeed, the bay of the Mont is the scene of the highest tides in Europe. There is a largest tidal range in Europe, that is to say the difference in level between high tide and low tide. It can then reach up to 15 m in the bay.

« Seeing the Mont become an island is a magical spectacle ! »

Cross the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel, an experience to discover during your stay

Some places in the bay are suitable for observing the tides and animal species throughout the year such as La Roche Torin in Courtils, Le Grouin du Sud in Saint Léonard, Le Bec d'Andaine in Genêts or again Le Gué de l'Epine in Val-Saint Père. To live a unique experience and discover the history of the bay and the fauna and the flora ... it is possible to cross the bay on foot with a guide whether you are a keen walker or not.


Découverte de la Baie, la Maison du guide
A family business founded in 1994 which aims to introduce visitors to the natural and cultural heritage of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. An unforgettable ride with family or friends.
Les traversées de Ludo

Discover the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in a different way with a guide, Ludovic for a lively and commented ride with a smile !

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